What is copyright?

If an image is copyrighted its rights of reproduction are protected! In other words the way it has been or is used is under continuous surveillance, thus stopping unauthorized reproduction. In this manner we avoid the displeasure caused by the appearance of competition products in some advertising campaigns, for example. Before using a copyrighted image an examination is performed, so that the client is in full knowledge of the cause.

How long a image delivery takes?

The time of delivery varies from 1 to 16 hours, considering the way it is delivered digital or analog. Digital images can be delivered by email, via FTP as well as on a CD-ROM depending on your preferences.

How do we establish the price?

The main criterion in our way of pricing is the way the image will be used! Therefore, we need the type of information as the following from the client:

What are the diffrences between RM and RF images?


Rights Managed images (RM)


Licensing. The licensing of RM Images is at all times subject to limitations on use as specifically agreed upon by You and Masterfile in advance. The terms of licensing will specify such things as the media in which the RM Image will appear, the name of the end user (e.g. Your client, if applicable), geographical distribution, size of reproduction, duration of use and exclusivity required.

Royalty Free images (RF)


Licensing. The licensing of RF Images permits You to reproduce an RF Image in unlimited media, for unlimited "proper" purposes (i.e. not for pornographic, defamatory, unethical or unlawful uses) for an unlimited period of time.

Fees. RM licensing fees are determined by the specific manner in which You will use an RM Image. To determine the price for your usage, please contact us.

Fees. RF licensing fees are fixed, solely based on the size of the RF Image file. You can determine the fee for any RF Image by clicking on the thumbnail image on your search result list then you will see the prices for that image on the right part of your page.

Credit or cancellation policy. A full credit or refund is allowed if an RM License is cancelled within 5 days. A cancellation fee of € 100+ vat must be paid.

No cancellation rights. An RF license is non-refundable.

Free hi-res comping images. If You register, You can obtain a high-resolution file of any RM Image from Photoland for inspection and comping purposes, on the understanding that any comping or presentation use is done with the intention of licensing the RM Image if it meets the approval of You and/or Your client.

NO hi-res comping rights. In order to obtain a high-resolution RF Image from Photoland, you must purchase an RF License.

Usage history available. Photoland can provide You with details of current and prior uses of any RM Image to help You avoid conflicting uses with Your competitors.

No usage history available. Due to the unlimited nature of an RF license, it is impossible for Photoland to provide a usage history for RF Images.

Exclusive rights available. Photoland can license a wide range of exclusive rights if You want to restrict the ability of other parties to use the same RM Image.

Exclusive rights are not available. Because of the broad rights granted in an RF License, it is impossible for Photoland to grant any exclusivity or provide rights protection in RF Images.

Sensitive issues releases. If You need to use an RM Image of a person in a sensitive context, Photoland will do its best in assisting you obtaining a specific release from the person depicted for your specific usage.

No sensitive issues releases. Due to the unlimited nature of an RF license, Photoland is unable to provide specific sensitive issues releases for RF Images. It is your sole responsibility to determine if you can use the RF Image with a disclaimer or not. Photoland cannot advise you on this.

How do I download images to use in a layout or internal presentation?

To view enlarged images, click on a thumbnail in the search results page, or within a lightbox or order page. This will take you to the details page for that image where a larger preview appears (you you are a registered user). You may copy the image either by clicking on the download image icon or
On Mac OS: Click image and hold / On Windows OS: Right-click image - Save as...

How do I register?

In order to fully use our website you have to be a registered user. You can apply for a registration for our website by clicking Register buton located in the top navigaton section of the site and then by entering your informations on the register form. Once your data has been checked by us you will receive an email with an invitation to join our site. After you receive that invitation you may log at any time using the username/password you choosed.

What if I forgot my password?

Just go to Login section and click on Forgot my password link. You will be promted to eneter your username then an email will be sent to your account with your password. Please check carefully the email you eneter when you register or, after that, by going to My account section.